How to beat the Crater Ouroboros boss in Solar Ash

The game’s first boss will put your skills to the test.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Solar Ash is a fast-paced game, and that applies to its boss battles too. These behemoths, known as Remnants, wake up once you’ve cleared all the anomalies from an area, and they’ll put all your skills to test if you hope to take them down. The first of these, the Crater Ouroboros, is Solar Ash’s make-or-break moment. Here’s how to topple it.

The Ouroboros will circle the Starseed in the middle of the area, so you don’t need to worry about any additional enemies or environmental hazards. But you do need to get onto its tail, so skate along until you’re close enough to reach the grapple point at the tip. Remember that you can use your Timeslip ability to extend the reach of your grappling hook too.

Once on board, you need to strike the successive weak points in the same way you would for an anomaly — the Remnants are labeled as “massive anomalies,” after all. Maintain your momentum, hit the boosters when you can, and remember to use Timeslip if you need to quickly reach a distant weak point that requires a grapple. The final one is always a grapple point, pulling Rei close to plunge her weapon into the core of the monster.

You’ll need to do this three times to slay the Crater Ouroboros, and the trail of weak points will change each time. On the second round, the bony platforms will also be slightly more spaced apart, so be ready to jump more or you’ll get slowed down. On the final round, the Remnant’s flesh will be searing hot, so missing a jump means fizzling out and having to start the third round over again. Trust in your skating skills, wear Rei’s Suit for a faster Timeslip cooldown if you need it, and you’ll come out on top of Solar Ash’s first boss battle.