How to beat the Pure Electro Hypostasis – Hypostatic Symphony Event

Let’s get electrified.

Genshin Impact

The Pure Electro Hypostasis is a special boss you will need to fight during the Hypostatic Symphony Event. This is a slightly reworked version of the world boss. The challenge involves optional modifiers that you will need to pick to increase your potential score.

In this guide, we will run through what you need to know to maximize your score during this fight, and some tips on how to beat the boss.

First of all, the level that you pick will dictate the level of the boss. It is not tied to your Adventure Rank and World Level the way other event bosses have been.

  • Easy – Level 20 (1x multiplier)
  • Normal – Level 40 (1.5x multiplier)
  • Hard – Level 60 (2.5x multiplier)
  • Expert – Level 80 (4.5x multiplier)

This is the most important decision you will need to make. If you only have level 40 characters, you have little chance of beating the Level 80 boss, especially with modifiers.

Pick your modifiers carefully

You should pick modifiers that do not interfere with your squad too much. If you run very heavy physical damage, then do not pick the modifier that reduces your physical damage by 50%, instead, pick the one that reduces your Cryo damage to earn some extra points. You can also experiment with different modifiers during different runs, slowly increasing the points earned as you try out new characters and tactics.

The modifiers you pick will dictate the overall difficulty of the challenge for you, and how many points you earn. You should also be running a smart team, as scoring high in this event is difficult. The overall difficulty is the most impactful change you can make to your score, so playing it as high as you can is a good idea.

Pay attention to character buffs

Depending on the challenge, some characters will have buffs to the damage they do. For example, Ganyu gets a buff to her damage, so if you run her you don’t want to pick the modifier that will reduce Cryo damage. If you have the buffed characters then it makes sense to try and build a team around them, as long as the team is going to work well together and be effective.

How to damage and kill the Pure Electro Hypostasis

You will need to attack the boss during the vulnerable stages, when the central crystal is not surrounded by one of the boss’ attack structures, and can be hit. Elemental attacks will do plenty of damage. You can cast spells with off-field characters, then switch to your main DPS to really pile up the damage.

Once the boss’ health bar is depleted, it will split into multiple smaller crystals. There will be one large one and two different groups of smaller ones that you need to kill. They do not take physical damage, so you will need a good source of elemental damage to take them out. Xiangling really shines here, as her Pyronado ability will give you enough time to destroy them all. If you don’t destroy them, the Hypostasis will reform with a small amount of health for each crystal that was not destroyed.

You will need to be careful of small Electro crystals that border the outer limited of the domain you are fighting in. These will damage you, and while they can be destroyed you can simple avoid them and focus all your damage on the boss.

Attack patterns

The boss has numerous attack patters it can use, and recognizing them is an important way to avoid damage

  • Drill – the boss will form a large drill that will home in on you but can be sidestepped easily.
  • Lasers – the boss will form several blocks in the center of the domain, forming a circle that shoots lasers from all blocks. You can duck past it for a good damage window on the boss. Make sure you get out in time, as all blocks collapse inwards after a short duration, doing damage.
  • Bullet Hell – the boss will sink to the ground, with rotating waves of Electro energy. These will expand outward like a bullet hell game. They are easier to avoid the further you are from the boss.
  • Clap – the boss forms two large “hand” looking structures that try to crush you, but can be sidestepped.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors – exactly what it sounds like, a triple attack that will remind you of those shapes, but all attacks can be sidestepped.
  • Pillars – the boss will form a ring of pillars around you. This is not instant, and you can get out if you are quick enough, giving an excellent damage window against the boss. If you are trapped inside, you will need to dodge some explosions.

Hints and Tips

  • A strong party built with purpose is better than four strong characters with no real synergy.
  • A good tactic is to go with a main DPS who does physical damage, then use three off-field supports to spam abilities and healing that back them up well.
  • If you have some of the buffed characters, make sure you try to use them, but only if their builds are strong enough. You don’t get enough of a buff to make an under-leveled character worthwhile.
  • Bow and Catalyst users can damage the boss even when it is in one of its attack structures. This can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Remember to eat foods that increase your damage output if you need them.
  • If you are playing a greedy on-field DPS, then a strong off-field heal will be important. Active healers that heal through their own damage output may not be the best option for you here unless they also happen to be your main source of DPS.
  • As an example of a team that we have had success with you might try Razor with Gladiators Finales, Barbara for healing with the Thrilling Tale of Dragon Slayers to buff his damage output, and Bennet and Xiangling for off-field Pyro damage and buffing.