How to beat The Shadow of the Scorpion Boss Race in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Don’t touch the acid.


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The Shadow of the Scorpion is the second or third boss race you’ll face in Hot Wheels Unleashed, depending on how you progress through the campaign. It’s a challenging race that pits you against many new challenges all at once. This guide covers a few tips to help you beat the race and come out on top with all the rewards.

Try not to drive over the acid

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The gimmick with this boss race is the scorpion. Like how the spider causes spider webs to spawn on the track, the scorpion causes acid to spawn. The difference is that the acid spawns all over the place, not just near the scorpion itself. If you drive over the acid, it will prevent you from using your boost and will slowly drain it over the course of a few seconds. This isn’t disastrous, but it can prevent you from making the most of the straight lines in the race.

Use every lap

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This race is different from others because there are only a few hazards on the track that are designed to actively slow you down. With this in mind, it’s important not to get bogged down if you fly off the track or are overtaken after a particularly bad drift miscalculation. Stick with the race for all three laps because you’ll have the chance to catch up to the competition. If you quit or restart too early, you’ll be doing this race for a long time.

Drive over all the pink boosters

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There are pink boosters all over the race. Try to drive over as many of them as you can. These will give you a boost even if you’ve driven over some acid. If you’re trying to get ahead in a slower car, this is the way to do it. Make the most of every pink booster, look ahead of you on the track, and plan your route accordingly. Even if you are driving over acid, try to hit all the boosters to keep your lead.

Watch the dinosaurs and brake if you need to

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There are two dinosaur heads on this track. Their mouths open and close over time. If the mouth is closed, you’ll bounce off of it and fall, costing you precious seconds that you can’t afford to spare. Watch the dinosaurs as you approach them and slow down if you need to so that you don’t fall. The mouths open and stay that way for a long time before suddenly snapping shut. If you approach a dinosaur and the mouth is fully open, slow down, wait for it to close, then drive on when it’s open. If the mouth is only opening as you approach, you’ve probably got time to get through before it shuts.

Don’t boost the jumps

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It’s tempting to hit the boost button as you approach a jump or lip of the track. If you do this, you’ll go flying. You need to drive over these jumps and lips so that you don’t have so much speed that you’re thrown from the track. Save your boost for the moment you round a corner to correct your direction and get up to speed up once again.

Follow these tips, and you should complete this boss race the first time around. There are five rewards on offer for doing so, including Blind Boxes and track parts.