How to become a nun in BitLife

A unique job position.

Image via Candywriter

Choosing to become a Nun is a dedicated job, and it’s a profession you can choose for your character in BitLife. You’ll need to honor that dedication if you want your character to become one. Taking this job means following a strict set of rules; if you don’t follow them, they have consequences. In this guide, we’ll detail how to become a Nun in BitLife.

How to get the Nun job in BitLife

The only way for your character to become a Nun is if they are female. If your character is male, they can become a Monk, a similar position with a different title. However, you can only choose one or the other based on your character’s gender. Both professions work the same in that they tend to appear shortly after your character becomes 18, but they need to make sure they don’t do too many harmful activities, such as drinking, sleeping with other characters, or drugs.

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You’ll then need to find the position in the Occupation tab with your female character. You need to have at least completed high school, but there’s a chance that the Nun occupation will not appear in the available jobs. If you do not see it, we recommend shutting down the BitLife application and bringing it back up. A new list of jobs will appear in the Occupation menu, and you can hopefully find the Nun profession. If you continue not to find it, repeat shutting down and returning the application until it eventually appears. This is a good way to make sure your character gets the job without aging.

The nun position is typically at the bottom as you won’t receive a high salary. The hard part is the job doesn’t usually appear too often. Once it does, accept the job, and you’ll become a Nun.