How to become President in BitLife

Get the top job of the United States.

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If there’s a job that many people growing up will have aspired to, it’s becoming president of the United States. Who wouldn’t want to be able to sit in the Oval Office and direct the country as the Leader of the Free World? While that reality is exclusive to one person for a minimum of once every four years, that doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill the fantasy in a life simulator like BitLife.

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What are the steps to become President in BitLife

Step 1: Purchase Bitizenship

To become President in BitLife, there is a caveat. In order to unlock the option to be able to make it to the top of the political food chain, you will need to pay for the game’s premium service for $4.99 and become a Bitizen.

Purchasing Bitizenship in the game unlocks several interactions that are otherwise behind the paywall, including interacting with your school faculty in many ways and unlocking exclusive occupations, one of which is a career in politics.

Step 2: Have high looks and smarts

You have to start off with a new life with high stats on both looks and smarts and be from the United States. All of these will help you with one of the biggest hurdles in the game for becoming President in money and fame.

As you go through your school life, make sure that both your smarts and looks are catered for by reading books and using the gym or doing martial arts, while also ensuring that your grades are as good as they can be.

Step 3: Build up your education and money

Continue this until high school graduation, and once completed, you can either go into politics immediately at entry level or head to university with one of the more politically aligned courses, such as Political Science, English, or History.

Those improved smarts stats can help you to get into the Universities without spending a penny via scholarships, which are more likely to be given if your smarts are higher. Getting a part-time job during this time will also hugely benefit you as you will want to gather as much savings as possible.

Step 4: Enter the world of politics

After this, completing Business School or becoming a lawyer also helps. Once you’re 35 years old, you can really start to work toward becoming President by entering the world of politics. Start off at the lower end by running for the School Board of Directors or one of the other low-level elected political positions. 

The reason you needed to hoard money from previous years is that you must fund your political campaigns yourself. Throw money into it and become School Director to gain some experience. You should need around about $10,000 for it.

While still continuing to save more cash, you can look to run for Mayor. Ensure that you are utilizing social media and continuing to run your campaign to boost your approval ratings. If good enough, you will be elected as Mayor of your town.

Step 5: Be a famous politician

At this point, you should become a famous politician and gain the fame meter, which you can improve by continuing to use social media. 

Again, add experience and improve finances to the point where you have millions to spend because it’s here that you can make a run for president. Once again, you need to run a campaign that will improve your approval ratings, and if selected as a candidate for the presidency, go for the jugular and take the opponent on.

Step 6: Be president

There are some instances that it may take you a few attempts before you can be successful. For higher chances of winning the presidential elections, set a high campaign budget.

If you win the election, you’ve made it. You’re now president of the United States, and you can continue to improve your ratings and run the country with various options.