How to go to college on a scholarship in BitLife

Have no financial stress in college.

Image via Candywriter

College is an expensive experience, even in BitLife. You’ll have the option to pay for it using straight cash if your character has it, ask for a loan, see if your parents will pay for it, or receive a scholarship. A scholarship is the best way to do it of these four options as it removes the financial stress of applying for college and gives you a full ride. Here’s what you need to know about going to college on a scholarship in BitLife.

How to get a college scholarship

You’ll want to start working towards your college scholarship at a young age as it directly ties into your character’s Smart stat. We recommend taking it seriously roughly when your character can start reading. This happens when they enter elementary school. In the Activities tab, under Mind & Body, there will be an option to read a book. Whenever you have the chance, make sure your character reads a book at least once a year, slowly increasing their Smarts. Eventually, they can go to the Public Library to read a book when they reach high school.

While increasing your Smart stat, you also want to work hard in school. You can do this by going to the School tab on the left side of your screen, clicking on the school at the top of the screen, and then choosing “Study Harder.” This will increase your grades at the school, increasing your character’s chances of doing better academically. You’ll want to do this and read books as often as possible before you graduate from college.

You can apply for a scholarship when you have the option to go to college. If your character has a high enough Smart stat and received high grades in school, they will receive a college scholarship. There’s still a chance you might not receive it, but by having higher grades, you significantly increase your chances of being accepted for a scholarship program.