How to start Iceborne Expansion – Monster Hunter World Iceborne


Monster Hunter World’s expansion Iceborne is a new adventure in the already fantastic Monster Hunter World game. With new locations, new rooms, new monsters, and new gear, there’s a lot to unpack in this expansion. None of it, however, takes place in Astera. Meaning you’ll need to start the mission to get to the actual expansion location before you can enjoy the content.

Initially reported by PowerPyx, starting the Iceborne mission is relatively straightforward. It’s similar to how most story missions begin. Even if it’s not quite the same, some handy icons are hovering over important NPCs.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way first: you must have the Iceborne DLC, and you must have played the mainline story and reached Hunter Rank 16 (HR16). Beating the main story should put you there already.

Alright, PowerPyx covers it all in detail, including screenshots. It’s all very standard Monster Hunter, so expect some of the usual events. Of course, if you’re like me, you probably skipped some of the pop-up text with mild annoyance, which is why we have internet guides.

If those first qualifying points get met (owning Iceborne and HR16), you’ll have one of those easily skipped pop-ups appear in front of you. You’re going to learn some Legiana are fleeing the Ancient Forest, and you need to speak to someone called the Feisty Fiver. You’ve likely met this person before since they hang around the quest boards and canteen.

Talking to the Feisty Fiver will start the quest. Complete the first part of the quest by following the Handler around the forest until you trigger the cutscenes.

Return to Astera and talk to the Commander. This next step takes you to the Hoarfrost Reach where you’ll need to defeat Beotodus to finish the Iceborne quest. After you beat it, you’ll get taken to Selina, the new base for the Iceborne DLC.

Congrats! You’ve unlocked the Iceborne content! Enjoy the additional story missions, monsters, and all the armor that’s now available.