How to break large ice rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Things are starting to get icy.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with obstacles that you will need to use magic to overcome. One of the many obstacles you might have faced is the ice rocks that block access to parts of the map. While those are easily overcome after obtaining the warmth of summer, it doesn’t help when trying to destroy the large ice rocks. You need something a little stronger. This guide will show you how to break the large ice rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Singing Ice quest guide

After following Elsa’s quest line, she will help you destroy the smaller ice rocks using the warmth of summer enchantment. Unfortunately, the ice rocks have gotten larger and you now need a new enchantment; the Cold of Winter. Once your Friendship Level with Elsa reaches level seven, you will unlock the quest called “The Singing Ice.” Start the quest by talking to Elsa and she will request that you go to the ice cavern in the Forest of Valor.

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After speaking to Elsa and learning of the new enchantment you need to craft, you will be tasked with gathering a few flowers to make the potion. You need to find the following items:

  • White Daisy
  • Red Falling Penstemon
  • Pink Bromeliad

The flowers can be found in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, and Sunlit Plateau biomes of the valley. After gathering the flowers, return to Elsa so she can freeze them.

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Once you have the frozen flowers, you can gather the rest of the materials for the Cold of Winter Potion. Obtain the following ingredients to finish the potion:

  • 5 Ice Chunks
  • 1 Vial of Frozen Water
  • 3 Snow

The Ice Chunks can be found inside the Ice Cavern in the Forest of Valor. Interact with the river near the Wishing Well in the Frosted Heights to get the Vial of Frozen Water. Lastly, the Snow can be gathered by digging in the Frosted Heights or destroying small ice rocks.

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After getting all of the ingredients, head over to a crafting table and make the Cold of Winter Potion. Speak to Elsa one last time and you will apply the potion to your Pickaxe granting you the ability to break the large ice rocks. Break the large ice rocks in the Ice Cavern to get the Orange Crest and place it on the wall with the rest of them to complete the quest.