How to break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact

It isn’t as hard as it seems.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players taking on the Moon-Bathed Deep world quest will have to travel all around Watsumi island. The quest has several layers to it, and one of the more confusing tasks in the quest is to break the Fin Seal. We’ve put together a brief guide detailing every step to help players solve the puzzle and break the Fin Seal.

How to break the Fin Seal

To complete the task, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Head to the small island located on the north of Watatsumi Island.
  • Upon reaching the island, you’ll come across a shrine with a stone tablet next to it. Interact with the stone tablet and read the details on it.
  • After interacting with the stone tablet, you’ll have to solve two puzzles. There are two circles on the island with fish statutes on them. These statues can be rotated by interacting with them. Rotate these statues in such a way that they all face the center. 
  • Once done, interact with the mysterious pillar which will lock these statues, and the puzzle will complete.

After you complete the puzzle on the second circle, the Fin seal will break. Once broken, head back to the shrine and acquire the Spirit Pearl, which is required to complete the overall quest.