How to breed Goats in Minecraft

Jump to the top of the mountain.

Image via Microsoft

Goats can be a useful animal for you to use in Minecraft. They’re a good resource of milk, and they’re excellent jumpers. If you’re looking to make it to the top of a mountain, a Goat can quickly make its way to the top with extremely little effort. For those who want to add more goats to your base, you can breed them to make baby goats, but you’re going to need a particular type of food to make it happen.

You need to gather up a pair of goats and keep them closer to each other. From there, all you have to do is feed them wheat. A goat will always follow you around when you use wheat, so if you’re having trouble trying to lure one to your camp, having wheat in your hand is a good way to bring them over to your location. Once you have both of them, feed them the wheat, and you’ll be able to breed them. Eventually, a baby goat will spawn. When the baby is born, you can speed up its growth process by feeding it wheat every so often.

A goat is a neutral spawn, so you don’t have to worry about taking damage when you encounter it, even if you hit it. The creature will run away. However, goats are more aggressive when they’re a screaming goat. A screaming goat is much more hostile than a regular one, and it makes distinctly different noises. You want to avoid those.