Where to find Flower Petals in Grounded

A useful ingredient beyond their aesthetics.

You can use Flower Petals in multiple recipes in Grounded. They can be used for a handful of decorations in your house, but you can also utilize them in creating the Mint Mace, Ladybug armor, or Lure Arrows. They have far more use than simply making your home feel safer, and finding these items can be a bit tricky. This guide covers where to find Flower Petals in Grounded.

How to get Flower Petals in Grounded

A good starting place to begin looking for Flower Petals is any location where you can find flowers, which may look like massive trees in Grounded. A reliable location is across the waterfront, next to the pond in the Backyard.

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You can find them sticking out of large pots adjacent to the pond. You will find them underneath the flowers. The petals are fairly large, making them stick out on the ground. However, they are typically guarded by many mosquitos, spiders, and sometimes ladybugs. We don’t recommend adventuring near these locations until you have some gear on yourself, but these are crucial if you want to make a Grinder, which is an extremely helpful item to have in your base.

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These are not the only locations with Flower Petals within them. Some are on the other side of the pond, on the northeast part of the map. However, this is also an equally dangerous location to visit, and we don’t recommend going there until a later point in your Grounded journey. Thus, these starting areas on the southeast and southwest parts of the pond are good, reliable areas to explore for Flower Petals.