How to build Miss Fortune in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

With Miss Fortune on your board, it’s always Bullet Time.

Image via Riot Games

As different Teamfight Tactics sets progress, heavy-hitter carries always become very popular. One of the most popular champions of Set 8 is Miss Fortune. With her bombastic rain of bullets, she has the potential to evaporate half the board in a single Ability. But if you don’t build her right, she can seem a little lackluster. To build the best Miss Fortune, items, comps, positioning, and more must be considered.

Miss Fortune items

Building Miss Fortune can actually go a lot of different ways depending on your team. The gist is, though, you always want to make her Ability, Bullet Time, stronger and make her cast her it more often. So, mana and crit chance items are absolutely vital. While people love to mix and match with her item choices, five of the best options are Spear of Shojin, Giant Slayer, Jeweled Gauntlet, Stattikk Shiv, and Hextech Gunblade.

However, one big problem with building Miss Fortune’s items is that it’d be an absolute waste to just have them sitting on the bench. Because of this, you should have a unit using them until you get your Miss Fortune. Some great options are Vel’Koz, Jinx, Draven, and Ezreal. Each of them can fit well enough into early versions of your build and put the items to good use while you wait.

You might note that Jinx and Draven are used units in a few of her builds. What happens if you don’t have a magnetic remover?

This is when you do a little replacement trick. See, you may not need two silver Dravens or Jinxes, but if you keep a second silver on your bench, you can easily sell and replace them once you need the items for a Miss Fortune.

Screenshot via Gamepur

Miss Fortune team comps

You now have an idea of what to put on Miss Fortune. What do you build around her? There are a few options. One very popular option is Anima Squad, which basically is just collecting all the Anima Squad units and then augmenting them with units like Ekko, Alistair, and Sejuani. Riven will be your main tank and Miss Fortune will do all the damage.

Another option is either Mecha: Ace or Ace Threats. In both, Miss Fortune shares the damage-dealing with Samira, a fellow Ace. Then, either Zac or Sett acts as the front-lining tank. The only tricky part of these builds is pivoting into Ace. After all, their trait buff is only active when there are one or four Ace units on the board. No in-between. So you have to be a little clever about that switch.

No matter what build you choose, almost all Miss Fortune carry builds encourage getting to level 8, and fast. So while you should conserve your coins and build up savings, make sure to get up in levels ASAP.

Positioning Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a backline queen. She belongs in a corner, so put her there. She’ll be able to fit as many people as possible in her cone that way, and stay as far away as possible from the action. The only reason you should ever move her is if she’s getting targeted by specific attacks, like a LeBlanc’s Ability, or is getting rushed by enemy players with Hackers, Talon, or Zed. That’s when you should move your positioning around to better protect her.

Miss Fortune augments

While Miss Fortune’s “Make it Rain” Hero Augment is alluring– who doesn’t love 18 gold every three rounds of combat?– her “Bunny Mercenary” Hero Augment is far more helpful. After all, it makes her cone larger, hitting even more enemies, and gives her a health shield while shooting. It can really help her last longer in a fight and do even more damage. So when you’re lucky enough to make the choice, try to get “Bunny Mercenary” every time.