How to bunny hop in Valorant

Dodge the Fudds.


Image via Riot Games

Bunny hopping is a classic movement technique in shooter games, dating back to the earliest arena shooters. The gist of it is that in many games you can jump in a way that results in faster movement that just walking or running.

So, can you bunny hop in Valorant? Yes, you can. Bunny hopping is a process, however. You won’t be able to perfect it quickly, so prepare to put some practice in. There are quite a few elements to bunny hopping, but it is mostly about taking advantage of game physics and putting mouse and keyboard inputs together in a smooth fashion to maintain your momentum.

Step 1 – The Air Strafe

The first building block for bunny hopping is getting your head around air strafing. To air staff, you need to jump while moving, the move your mouse in the same direction as the movement keys. So, you would run to get to max speed, then jump, and turn the mouse to the left and press A, or the right and press D.

Step 2 – Chaining

To bunny hop in Valorant, you will need to chain air strafes together. So, you would run, jump, hit A while moving the mouse slightly left, then land, jump hit D and turn the mouse slight to the right. You can also bind jump to your mouse wheel, but this takes a little getting used to.

The advantage to bunny hopping in Valorant is a little different from other games. Instead of a large increase in velocity, it allows you to get through some abilities quicker. Bunny hopping is worth experimenting with Valorant, but it is perhaps a little less essential than in a game such as CS:GO.