How to catch a shiny Trubbish in Pokémon Go

This pile of garbage can really shine.

Image via Niantic

For Pokémon Go players keen on adding a shiny Trubbish to their collection, now is the time to do it. You can capture a shiny version of this Pokémon, starting with the game’s Sustainability Week event. It will be kicking off in your local time zone from April 20 to 25. Following the event, Trubbish’s shiny version will remain turned on. Whenever you can capture the Pokémon, there’s a small percentage of the encounter yielding a shiny Pokémon, a one in 500 chance.

During the Sustainability Week event, there are multiple ways for you to capture a shiny Trubbish. It will appear in the wild, in one-star raids, and in five-kilometer eggs. Your best chance of encounter Trubbish is likely in the wild and one-star raids of the several methods. The one-star raids will require you to use a raid pass, but it does guarantee a chance to beat this Pokémon because most trainers above level 15 can typically defeat them.

You’ll know when you’ve encountered a shiny Trubbish based on the Pokémon’s unique color palette and a distinct shine that appears when Trubbish is on your screen.

Following the Sustainability Week event, Trubbish’s shiny form will remain available for players to catch. Trubbish is a Pokémon that does appear in the wild. It is not an event, egg, or raid exclusive. If you’re having trouble finding Trubbish, we highly recommend visiting ponds, industrial areas, marshes, and parks in your local area. These are common locations you can find Poison-type Pokémon.