How to catch Falinks in Pokémon Go

How to capture one of the more interesting Pokémon in the game.


Image via Niantic Labs

Falinks is a Fighting-type Pokémon, which means it’s a pretty uncommon Pokémon to come across in the wild. Fighting-type Pokémon always feel rare, but then you’ll come across a huge group of them in a new part of town that you’ve never played the game in before. While they’re not as rare as some of the most elusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go, they won’t present themselves as easily as Normal-types. This guide covers some tips for how to catch more Falinks for yourself.

There are only two ways to catch Falinks in Pokémon Go. The first is by exploring the world and hoping you come across them. Look for areas that are more industrial than others. If there’s an industrial estate nearby, take a walk past the gates. If you’ve got a long stretch of road between you and the next town, try walking along it while playing to see what spawns. You’ll increase your chances of encountering Falinks if you use an Incense. You can also increase your chances of encountering a Falinks if you drop a Lure at a PokéStop in the right kind of area. They can spawn anywhere, but it helps if you’re on their usual turf.

It’s possible to encounter Falinks in raids. They’re only in three-star raids, but the chances of finding one vary from week to week. Keep an eye out, and you may come across one sooner than you think. One place you definitely won’t get a Falinks from is an egg. There’s no chance of an egg hatching to reveal a Falinks, so focus on raids and exploration.

The main event Falinks appears in Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield will be from August 20 to 31. We recommend you stick to trying to find it in raids as the most reliable method. After that, Falinks will be much harder to acquire after the end of the event and will appear at limited opportunities.