How to catch Sneasel during Dragonspiral Descent in Pokémon Go

Don’t let it get away.

When playing Pokémon Go during the Dragonspiral Descent, players have a limited amount of time to come across ten Pokémon to finish a collection earn some experience, Stardust, and an encounter with Druddigon. With essentially being put on a timer to catch these Pokémon, people might be fighting a headache gathering each of them. Here is how to come across Sneasel during Dragonspiral Descent in Pokémon Go.

During Dragonspiral Descent, Sneasel is among the group of Pokémon that appears more frequently in the wild. To come across it, we recommend activating an Incense on your trainer and Lures at Pokéstops at a park or an area with multiple Pokéstops in the proximity of each other. Sneasel is not the rarest Pokémon you will need to come across, but you will need some luck to find it regardless.

If you have exhausted your supply of Lures and Incenses and still have not found a Sneasel, there is a guaranteed way to come across one. During December, Sneasel appears in Field Research Tasks, so be sure to complete any old research you have built up, then spin Pokéstops until you get one for winning a raid within 60 seconds. When you get that one, find a one-star Raid and jump in with a friend or two and quickly take them out. Redeem your Field Research Task for a guaranteed way to catch a Sneasel.