How to catch Sudowoodo in Pokémon Go – Johto Collection Challenge

Where is Sudowoodo hiding?

Image via Niantic

The Collection Challenges in Pokémon Go has players capturing nine Pokémon who originated from that region. For the Johto challenge, players will need to capture all three of the starter Pokémon and six others found all over the territory. Sudowoodo is one of these nine Pokémon, and you won’t be able to find it out in the wild as easily as the others. You’ll need to catch it through a specific method.

For the Johto Celebration event, you’ll need to capture it by completing a specific special research task. This special research task is one of the many you can obtain by spinning any PokéStop or Gym dials you can pass at any notable locations or landmarks in your city. You can hold up to three field research tasks at a time, so if you have three on you, make sure to remove them or complete them for looking for others.

The special task you need to do for Sudowoodo to appear is the Catch 5 Grass-type Pokémon. The task should not be too difficult for you to complete, but it’s all about making sure you have this in on your character. After you complete it, a Sudowoodo encounter will happen. To make sure you catch it, we recommend giving it a razz berry to calm it down, making it easier to catch using any Poké Ball, but you may want to use your best one to make sure there are no complications.