How to catch the Vendetta Flopper in Fortnite

Hold a grudge.


The Vendetta Flopper was added to Fortnite in update 14.10, adding another fish for you to catch if you want a complete collection. If you want to catch the Vendetta Flopper the good news is that it can be caught anywhere, at any time. You don’t need to fish at night or in a specific part of the map. You will, however, need a pro fishing rod to catch this fish.

If you catch and eat the Vendetta Flopper, it will mark the location of a nearby enemy, so make sure you save it for any slippery players who manage to escape in a gunfight.

How to get a Pro Fishing Rod

If you get lucky, a Pro Fishing Rod might spawn when you loot a barrel in the game, if not, you can simple upgrade a standard fishing rod an an upgrade bench for 100 Stone, 100 Wood, and 100 Metal. The Pro Fishing Rod increase your chances of catching rare fish, and some fish will require a Pro Fishing Rod to catch them at all.

The easiest way to catch fish in Fortnite

If you really want to try and catch fish you don’t have in your collection, we would suggest fishing in the Battle Lab. Any fish you catch in the Battle Lab will count towards your collection, and you can happily fish in there for as long as you like without the shrinking storm pushing you away from your fishing spot.

There are even a couple of settings changes you can make to make fishing a quicker prospects in the Battle Lab. Before you load in, set your option to night time only. This increases fish spawns, and some of the new fish can only be caught at night. It’s also recommended to set your Loot to “High Explosives” to ensure you are not catching weapons when fishing. We also have a full list of all the fish in the game, and where you can catch them to help you out.