How to get a Pro Fishing Rod in Fortnite

Fish like a pro.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has brought back fish, with over 40 of them available to catch in-game and add to your collection. While the mechanics of fishing are basically the same, one aspect of it has changed dramatically, and that is the Pro Fishing Rod.

Last season you could upgrade your standard fishing rod at any upgrade bench using 100 of each building material and get the Pro Fishing Rod which has an increased chance to catch those rarer fish. Now that upgrade benches have been removed, there are three ways to get a Pro Fishing Rod.

The most basic way is to loot barrels until one drops. This isn’t so bad, as the drop rate appears to be quite high, and it shouldn’t take much luck to get your hands on one.

If you are near Lazy Lake, where Turk will spawn on the jetty of the small island near the white house, you can purchase one from him. You will need 29 Gold to get it. Finally, you can bring a normal fishing rod to any character that can upgrade weapons, such as Kondor in Misty Meadows. He will upgrade a normal fishing rod to a Pro Fishing Rod for 50 Gold.

If you are still confused about how to get Gold, you can get it quite a few ways. Looting chests will drop some gold, as will eliminating other players. You can also get gold by completing bounties for any of the 40 NPC characters that have been added to the map. You may also get lucky, and find one of the many steel safes that are hidden around the map, which contain 100 Gold each.