How to catch Vullaby in Pokémon Go

There’s only one way to capture this Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

A new Pokémon has arrived in Pokémon Go, Vullaby, a vulture-like Pokémon. Vullaby looks like a baby vulture with an egg wrapped around it as if it were immediately hatched and didn’t bother to take off the rest of the shell. When it evolves into its second and final form, Mandibuzz, it’s much larger. There’s a particular way for you to catch it, though, and you cannot find it in the wild.

For those actively looking to hatch a Vullaby, you can only receive it by hatching a strange egg, also known as a red egg. These are different eggs than the ones you’d receive from friends, or the Poké Stops all over the world. You can only receive a red egg by defeating a Team Rocket leader, which means you need to battle Team Rocket grunts who have captured Poké Stops to receive the mysterious components.

Once you have all six components, you can locate a Team Rocket leader. There are three you can potentially encounter: Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff. Each of them has a different Pokémon roster, so make sure you’re ready for their specific choices. Also, before battling them, make sure you have a free egg slot in your inventory, or you won’t be able to loot a strange egg.

These eggs take 12-kilometers for you to hatch. Once you do, you can potentially hatch a Vullaby from them, but you might also receive a Larvitar, Scraggy, or a Trubbish.