How to Cause 3 Opponents to Crash While Gliding in Mario Kart Tour


When a new tour arrives in Mario Kart Tour, there’s a brand new series of challenges awaiting drivers eager to test out their skills. A new one to enter the foray focuses on Causing 3 Opponents to Crash while Gliding.

There are several ways to approach this challenge.

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas. The first is hoping you receive plenty of bananas in your item boxes and tossing them all over the track during the race. With luck, an opponent driver will run over these when you go off a ramp, and it should count for your challenge.

Red or Green Shells. Another item you’ll want to hold onto when you run through the boxes is the red and green shells. You mostly need the red ones. These seek out enemies players in front of or behind you, and smack into them, causing them to crash. The green ones go in any direction you aim, so there’s more luck for yourself here.

Special Items. You always have the special items left for you too. There are the banana barrels, Yoshi’s Egg, Bob-ombs, Bowser’s Shell, and the Spiny Shell. All of these can cause a driver to crash if you hit them with it.

The best part of this challenge? You don’t seem to need to do it in a single race. Most challenges in Mario Kart Tour are straightforward and inform you if you need to do on a single track or not. This challenge has no description hinting you need to do it in a single bout.