How to change the difficulty level in Phasmophobia

Prepare for top-level paranormal activity.

How to change the difficulty level in Phasmphobia

Image via Steam

Phasmophobia can be a tricky game to get to grips with. It will take you a few attempts to figure out how it works but, once you get the hang of it, you will be an expert in no time.

Once you are a dab hand at locating phantoms and deducing which ones they are to earn your cash and other rewards, you will want a harder challenge. That means that you will require a higher difficulty level to test yourself against, so does Phasmophobia has an option to change the difficulty setting?

Yes, you can change difficulties in Phasmophobia, but there is a catch. There is no manual way to change the setting in Kinetic Games’ psychological horror title. However, the difficulty level will change after you hit certain ranks. You start off at Amateur difficulty, but once you reach level 10, you will unlock Intermediate difficulty. At level 15, you will gain access to Professional difficulty.

You cannot manually change these difficulties, but don’t worry if you think that increases in difficulty settings will make it impossible for you to beat specific levels. There is a random chance that you will get a map with a lower difficulty setting while waiting in the lobby. If, say, Professional level maps are too difficult for you, you can back out of a room, create a new lobby, and cross your fingers for an easier map next time around.

There are benefits to completing Intermediate and Professional maps, though. You receive twice the cash reward and 1.5 times more XP for beating Intermediate maps, and three times the cash reward and double XP on Professional ones. Be aware that these maps reduce your preparation time, increase your sanity consumption, and make ghosts harder to track down, and more aggressive if you tackle them.