How To Change Your FOV In The Outer Worlds


The Outer Worlds is a beautiful looking game, but that starting FOV is a bit rough for my liking. I like a superb broad view of games. It helps me avoid eye-fatigue and headaches while playing. There is good news, if you play on PC, as you can change the FOV.

How To Change Your FOV In The Outer Worlds

Gameplay Menu

Unfortunately, you cannot change the FOV in The Outer Worlds on consoles. Performance is just too restricted on the current generation hardware to be able to bump up the FOV and increase how much work the CPU and GPU need to do. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue on PC, so players on that platform can change the FOV easily.

To change the FOV, just hit Esc to bring up the main menu, then click on Settings. From there, click on the Gameplay tab, and you will the last option allows you to change the FOV. It goes up to 120, which is a little too wide for my tastes but might be enough for some of you out there. Return to the game, and your new FOV will be active, no need to restart the game or anything like that. Feel free to tweak it as you like.

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Best of luck in your new life as a colonist!