How to change jobs in Harvestella

Be whatever you want to be.

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Harvestella is one of the many life-sim games for you to experience that has been infused with RPG elements. While much of your time will be spent farming, crafting, and cooking, you will also go out into the wilderness and fight magnificent beasts. True to a Final Fantasy-like game, there is a job system in Harvestella that allows you to change your class and fight in new ways. The jobs you have equipped each have their own unique abilities. This guide will show you how to change jobs in Harvestella.

How to equip jobs in Harvestella

When you start the game, you will automatically have the Fighter job equipped. While this is a good starting job, you may soon get tired of it and want to change it out for something else. How about a powerful Mage class that shoots lightning, or the Shadow Walker that attacks with twin blades? These classes all have different capabilities which will allow you to excel in combat.

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Early in the game, you will learn about job skills, but it will take a little longer for you to learn about new jobs. After heading out to Higan Canyon on day seven in search of Aria, you will come across a unicorn during your journey. After progressing a little further into the dungeon, you will find an enemy that you are told has a thick hide. Magic is needed to defeat it. During this time, you will gain access to the Mage job and the rest of the job system.

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After this moment, you can start changing your jobs whenever you get a new one. To do this, start by going into the menu. From there, scroll over to the party tab. Select your character and you will have a new menu come up. In the character menu, you will see three options for jobs. Select them and choose the jobs you want to be equipped with. This can only be done next to a Motus Monolite. After changing your jobs in the menu, you can swap between them in the same way you swap between tools on the farm. There is a cooldown each time you switch jobs during battle. Keep this in mind as you fight.