How to change the avatar appearance in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

Outsmart your opponents with style.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch, where you can play against your family and friends from anywhere in the world in a battle of wits and intelligence. As the title suggests, you’ll be pitting your brain against their brain, as if you’re using a browser lockdown software so you don’t look up the answers during an online college exam.

As every human being on this planet knows, if you want to prove you’re smarter than everyone else, you have to dress like a genius. Not necessarily with a scientist’s lab coat, but rather in a way you think matches your style in the real world. Here’s how you can change your avatar’s appearance.

In the game’s home menu for Solo mode, select the Appearance box next to your avatar on the bottom left corner of the screen. From there, you can customize how you want your avatar to appear when you go up against other players.

For example, let’s say you colored your hair brown or black when you first boot up your game because that’s how your hair looks in the real world. However, you think those colors are dull, so you go to Hairstyle and pick out your new hair color, like red. You can also color your Facial Hair red, too.

With Clothes, the only outfits you have when you start a new game are plain-colored T-shirts. The more coins you earn and opponents you beat in Ghost Clash, the more outfits you will get. However, you will only get them at random.