How to change the camera angle in NHL 23

Need a different view?

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Camera angles in sports games are important since those who play the games are not actually out on the field of play. You need to be able to see as much as possible, and there are usually certain shots in games that allow for just that. That remains true in NHL 23, so you might be wondering how to change the camera angle in this year’s game. If you are, here are the steps that need to be followed.

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How to change the camera angle in NHL 23

To change the camera angle in NHL 23, go to the Home screen and hover over the ‘More’ section. From there, select ‘Settings’ in order to access the game’s settings.

After doing that, select the ‘Audio & Visual Settings’ tab. This allows users to change various settings that affect how users hear and see in NHL 23. The camera angle setting can also be found here. To access it, find the ‘Visual Settings’ section, and look for the ‘Camera’ setting. By the way, this can also be done by following these same settings during a game and entering the Pause Menu. Although, it’s probably best to take care of this in an offline game, where users are not subject to a time and/or pause limit.

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If you’re looking for any specific recommendations, we prefer to use the Overhead setting for the camera angle. This allows players to see the whole zone that the skaters are currently on in the ice, and arguably gives the best view for seeing players moving in space and creating plays.

To take advantage of these settings, you’re going to want the best wingers, centers, and even defensemen that money can buy. With great players at your disposal, you’ll be able to dominate the opposition.