How to change the Mako’s handling in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Easy does it.

Image via BioWare

The Mako’s handling is definitely something of a legacy issue in Mass Effect, a notorious downside to the well-loved game. The good news is that BioWare has taken the chance to rework things in the Legendary Edition. Because the developers also understand that some people want things to be how they are in the older games, the option is there t use the older system, or the newer one.

Players can switch the controls, if they wish, by going into the Controls section, then find the “Mako camera-relative steering” option. From there, you can toggle between the schemes to decide which one is best for you. It should be noted, at the moment the ability to do this is only available on PC, not on console.

The Mako sections of the campaign were notoriously annoying for some players, but lots of people out there may prefer to keep using the old control scheme. You should also experiment with the new boosters to see how they affect your gameplay experience.

Finally, players should be advised that touch the lava in the Mako is no longer an instant kill, and the machine actually has a health bar that will go down over time now, instead. This means you can make a few more mistakes during these sections of gameplay without being severely punished for it.