How to change weapons in Worms Rumble

Do you want the Sheep Launcher or the Hammerhead?

Gone are the days of Worms being a turn-based, slow-moving strategy game. With Worms Rumble, everything you and the enemy do is real-time, meaning weapon management is of the utmost importance. You no longer have the luxury of holding tons of weapons on your worm and selecting from them when your turn comes up. Now, you need to keep in mind what you have while the battle is happening around you. Here is how to swap out and manage your weapons in Worms Rumble.

In Worms Rumble, you are only able to hold two primary weapons at one time. This does not include your baseball bat, which is always on your person, and you can use it by pressing Circle. You can see what weapons you have by either looking in the bottom right of the screen or holding Down on the D-pad to pull up the weapon wheel. If you pull up your weapon wheel, be careful. If you highlight your weapons and let go of the D-pad, you will drop whatever you are holding. This is useful if you find another gun you want to pick up and want to get rid of a particular item in its place. If you pick up a weapon with no empty slots available, you will drop whatever is in your hand at that moment.

You will also notice two empty squares to the left of your weapons in the bottom right corner. This is where your grenades and traversal items (jetpack and grapple gun) appear when you have them. Above the guns are all the ammo types you are holding. As is expected, certain weapons take different ammo compared to others. To switch to the other primary weapon you are holding, press Triangle, and you will instantly swap.

To get a good grasp of how to handle your weapon management and see what all the different weapons can do, we recommend giving the training area a try. If you go to the bottom of that map, all available guns are laid out for you, and you can get used to the drop and pick-up methods for Worms Rumble.