How to change your appearance and purchase more clothing in Ooblets

Get your hair did and give yourself a fresh look.

When you first start Ooblets, your character has a small range of hair and clothing options. You can modify these settings the more you play the game, and they unlock after your first day in Badgetown. To alter your character’s hair, facial hair, and hair color, you need to visit Snups. To change their clothing, you need to visit Kibbonbon. Both of these locations exchange their services with gummies, which you can earn by completing tasks in town, among other activities.

You will find Snups on the east side of town. Padrig owns it, and to use any of his services, you need to approach one of the three chairs to modify your character. There are 17 different colors you can have on your character, and the same goes for their facial hair if they have any. Snups is also the location you can give your character facial hair, and there are nine different options available to you. The final thing you can modify is your character’s hair, and Snups gives you additional options beyond the initial ones you had at the start of the game.

The clothing shop, Kibbonbon, is on the other side of town where Snups is closer to your farm’s entrance. You can find it by the kitten in a sweater logo. There are a variety of clothing items available for you to pick from inside the shop, and you can buy any of them by approaching their display stands and buying them. Speaking to the owner, Churles, won’t do anything.