How to change your profile name in Pokémon Unite

Change your name.

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Your profile name identifies serves as a way for other players to see you in Pokémon Unite. They can view your profile, see your favorite Pokémon, and even inspect your ranking if you’ve participated in enough ranked games to receive one. You have the chance to show off your Pokémon Unite profile when you initially start your game. However, you may not like it too much and would prefer to swap it out for something else. In this guide, we’re going to detail how you can change your profile name in Pokémon Unite.

The option to purchase a rename card is available in the Aeos Emporium. You can find it under the ‘items’ category, and it should be available for 100 Aeos Gems. These are the exclusive item in Pokémon Unite that you will have to spend real-world money to acquire, or you can earn some by completing the battle pass, which is only offered on the premium side.

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Once you have the rename ticket, you’ll have the option to alter your profile’s name, giving you a brand new one. Your trainer code should remain the same, which means other players should be able to find you, regardless of the name change. You can do this multiple times, but because the rename card costs Aeos Gems, you don’t want to do this too often. Instead, we’d recommend you save those Aeos Gems to purchase cosmetics for your Pokémon to wear or your avatar.