How to claim Kinda Funny logo in Knockout City

Get your hands on “Kinda funny” logo in Knockout City.

Image via Velan Studios

Gaming fans around the globe got a first glance at a plethora of upcoming games during E3 2021. While new games were revealed, there were also updates on popular existing games and what lies ahead for them in the future. Furthermore, there were exclusive rewards for gamers that joined the E3 live event. One of the rewards was a code for a fancy new logo in the recently released Knockout City.

How to get the “kinda funny” crew logo

To avail Kinda Funny crew logo in Knockout City, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Knockout City and go to the Main Menu and click on More…
  • Select the redeem code option
  • Enter code 6VK3-DKWU-WDW2-4TEB-JPAD
  • Kinda Funny logo should be available for picking from the Crew option.

The validity of the code is unknown but expect it to last at least for a month. Crew logos in Knockout City are automatically displayed behind the back of your character once selected. This is a great way of showing your allegiance to your crew. However, you can only a have logo behind your back if you are in crew. Furthermore, only the crew leader can choose the logo, and the crew members won’t be able to do so.