How to clean the pool in The Outer Worlds – The Pool Where Horror Dwelt

A messy job, but someone has to do it.

The Outer Worlds

Image via Obsidian

While wandering around the Grand Hotel, you may discover that something very bad has happened to the pool. Instead of water, the pool appears to be filled with dangerous chemicals. If you want, you can clean it up.

To clean the pool you will need to make your way to the Sun Parlor. You can find the exact location of this building shown on the map below.

Inside, you will find three large vats of liquid, and a blackboard on the wall beside them. All the vats have number handles in front of them, and the numbers will change as you pull the handle.

The blackboard will give a list of chemicals that will form the Pool Cleaner. Blue Water Coloring #442, Chlorinsol, and Hydrogenated De-foamer. You need to get the numbers infront of the three vats in the right order.

The correct combination to make the Pool Cleaner is 154. You cannot get the chemicals into the vats in the order they appear on the blackboard, but you don’t need to. Any chemical order will do as long as the chemicals are correct.

After that, interact with the console on the right and mix the content together, then make your way back to the pool. Speak with the guard, then place the pool cleaner in the marked machine on the right side of the pool. Go back and speak with the guard again to wrap up the quest.