How to clear Withering Zones in Genshin Impact

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Although Sumeru is a land of flourishing flora and fauna, there are deeply hidden secrets that are plaguing the region from the inside. While travelling in the region, players will sporadically come across areas that seem to kill any living entity in its vicinity. These are known as Withering Zones and are considered areas of death; Hence, you’ll need to clear them occasionally and replenish the zones so that life can thrive on them.

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Clearing Withering Zones in Genshin Impact

Withering is a new mechanic added to Genshin Impact with the introduction of the Sumeru region. Once an area is affected by Withering, it will start spreading over time, and gradually, it becomes all doom and gloom, leading to every living entity dying in the area.

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If you step into a Withering Zone, the Elemental RES, Physical RES, and max HP of all the active party members will start to decay over time. To clear a Withering Zone, you must first locate Auspicious Branches near the zone. Once located, interact with it to summon Dendrograna and then enter the zone. While Dendrograna is active, clear out all the Withering Branches in the zone by simply attacking them. If you are unaware, Withering Branches are normal branches with a red glowing bud at the top. Similarly, you also need to clear the Fetid Boughs (red blobs) in the zone.

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Once you get rid of all the Withering Branches and Fetid Boughs in the zone, the main Tumour will reveal itself spawning a Disciple of Decay. This is a large monster that will rapidly spread the decay and will attack you repeatedly. Defeating Disciple of Decay will lead you to the main Tumour responsible for the withering of the zone. Interact with the Tumour and will clear out the zone, restoring flora and fauna in the area.