How to collect fossils in Deep Rock Galactic

Find them and deposit them.


Screenshot by Gamepur

While you’re mining the expansive caverns of Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll be given various objectives to complete. There’s always¬†one main objective, but you can complete secondary and other minor objectives on top of that for additional rewards. One of those objectives requires gathering fossils, but the game doesn’t explain how you find them or how they look. This guide covers finding fossils to ensure that you complete that secondary objective.¬†

Look in the walls

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you have an objective tasking you with collecting fossils, there will be fossils all around the cave. You need to walk up to them and press the collect button to grab them, but reaching them can be a pain. Fossils are almost always located in high or out-of-reach places that you’ll need to dig your way around and up to so that you can get them. They look like ammonites, large circular crustaceans that are encased in rock.

You should be able to hold around twenty fossils without your capacity filling up, and it’s unlikely that you’ll need to collect more than that for an objective. However, the fossils you collect won’t count towards your goal until you deposit them. So make sure that you deposit your resources in the Mule or drop pod regularly, or the objective won’t update, and you and your team will be left searching for more fossils indefinitely.