How to complete A Fisherman’s Friend in Final Fantasy XIV

Business is not booming.

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Trade is the name of the game in Thavnair, and Matsya needs your assistance in Final Fantasy XIV. During A Fisherman’s Friend quest, you’ll need to work with Matsya to assist him in selling the fish he’s collected from a nearby village. If you want to sell the fish, you’ll need to be kind and careful with the customers you speak with. In this guide, we’re going to share with you how to complete A Fisherman’s Friend in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll need to complete the Main Scenario quest On Low Tide before reaching A Fisherman’s Friend and unlock Thavnair.

When you start A Fisherman’s Friend, Matsya will be your companion during the story. Make sure you have him in your party before continuing the quest. If you lose Matsya, you can find him again at the center of the docks in Thavnair, south of the Aetheryte. It’s important to note that even if you do not make a sale with Matsya, you can still complete the quest, and you will not have to start over.

The first customer you speak with will be Mehrunnah. You can find them at the very far end of the dock. When you talk to him, you’ll have the option to peddle Matsya’s fish, or you can attempt to work on your rapport with them. After finishing the conversation, you will likely walk away without a sale.

The next customer is Nashreen. You can choose to speak about your fish or ask her about her amra. As you learn more about what she has for sale and wants to exchange for high-quality items, you’ll discover she does not wish to purchase any food and will likely walk away without a sale.

The final person you have to speak with is Bhazahma, who eats their food too quickly because of their work ethic. As the conversation progress and you learn more about Bhazahma, they will not be interested in purchasing any fish, and you’ll be unable to complete a sale.

The final task for this quest is to reach the pier once again and speak with Matsya. It triggers a cutscene when you do this, and you’ll see another interaction between Matsya and Khalzahl.