How to complete A Spleen for a Spleen in Disciples: Liberation

Someone will make use of them.

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When you arrive in Heurik, you’ll meet with The Speel Collector in Disciples: Liberation. They have a quest for you called A Spleen for a Spleen, requesting you acquire four spleens for them. If you do, you’ll gain access to the pits. Exploring the pits is essential if you want to become the region’s champion and rally allies to your side. Here’s how you can complete A Spleen for a Spleen in Disciples: Liberation and how you can acquire those four spleens.

During the conversation with The Spleen Collector, you can choose whether Avyanna is more interested in taking out anyone who crosses her path or killing animals for their Spleens. However, there will be specific locations where you’ll need to interact with characters to obtain these spleens on the map.

Closest to The Spleen Collector, to its southwest, is a group of Empire soldiers who will attempt to attack you when they learn who you and Ori are. The second, to the south of the soldiers, is a succubus. You can choose to attack her or join her. If you join her, you have the option to recruit her to your cause and use her as a unit.

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The third location is a pack of wandering beasts to the southeast of the last two spleen locations. You’ll have to battle against a wild beast and a pair of demons. To the north of the Spleen Collector, the final location is another pack of wild beasts that you’ll have to defeat. Once you’ve visited all places and obtained the spleens, return to The Spleen Collector.

You will receive a blueprint for completing this quest, and you’ll unlock access to The Pits quest.