How to complete A Terrific Yawn request in Pokémon Snap

It’s getting late, and it’s time to turn in for the night.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With Pokémon Snap, you’re more worried about taking the best photographs of Pokémon rather than training or battling them. You’ll have the option to complete numerous tasks given to you by several characters in the game. A request you have the option to complete is called A Terrific Yawn. If you want to complete this, you’ll need to embark on a tour of the Florio Nature Park when it’s nighttime. Your focus will be to take a snapshot of a Torterra yawning, and there are several sleeping Torterra throughout this park.

When embarking through the Florio Nature Park at night, you won’t find too many Torterra in the first area. You want to wait until your NEO-ONE reaches the second area, where you have the large lake to your right. There will be a handful of sleeping Torterra here and in the next area. It doesn’t matter what Torterra you take a picture of. If you want to capture Torterra yawning, all you have to do is hit its head with a fluffruit.

After hitting a Torterra in the head, the creature will shake its head for a bit, eyes slightly open, and make a big yawn before returning to its slumber. All you have to do is get a picture of it when it’s yawning, and the request will is finished. It took us a few tries before a Torterra properly yawned, so if it doesn’t do it immediately, keep tossing fluffruit at it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Back at the research center, click the ‘Y’ button, and choose to view all of your requests. Click on A Terrific Yawn request from Rita to mark it complete.