How to complete all Cockpit tasks on Airship in Among Us

Who’s piloting the ship?

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The Airship map in Among Us is made up of several different rooms. A lot is going on in each of them, and you’ll have to complete tasks for many of them. We’re going to be covering how to complete all of the tasks you might be assigned in the Cockpit area.

Where to find the Cockpit on the Airship

The Cockpit on the Airship is on the very far left side of the map. You have to go through the Communications area, right next to the Engine Room. The Cockpit is one of the larger rooms on the map, and there are three tasks you might have to complete for it.

How to complete Upload Data

To Upload Data for the Cockpit, make your way over to the map’s location and go to the far left side of the room. There will be a small terminal there with a signal sign on it. Approach the terminal and interact with it. A small menu will appear asking you to download the information. Click the ‘download’ button at the bottom, and wait for the information to finish.

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Once you have the information downloaded, you need to make your way to the Viewing Deck. The Viewing Deck is through the Communications Room, to the south of the Armory, through the Kitchen. You’ll need to make your way through these rooms before arriving at the Viewing Deck. Once there, you’ll need to hold out your phone to start uploading the data, and there will be a small mini-game where you have to move the phone around attempting to find a signal. It bounces between ‘poor’ and ‘good,’ with ‘good’ having a faster upload time. Once it’s completed, the task will be completed.

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How to complete Divert Power to Cockpit

To complete the Divert Power to Cockpit task, you need to make your way to the Electrical room. You can find it on the right side of the map. You can reach it by going through the Main Hall and then proceeding down. You want to go to the top right area of the Electrical, and look for the small cabinet in the corner. Approach the cabinet and interact with the dials, pushing the Cockpit dial all the way up.

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Once you’ve completed the Divert Power portion, return to the Cockpit and you have the accept the power exchange. It will be the panel right next to the Cockpit location, just below it. Approach the panel, and click the middle icon for the power to enter the Cockpit.

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How to complete Stabilize Steering

The Stabilize Steering task in the Cockpit is right in the middle of the room. Look for the pilot’s chair, and interact with the terminal next to it. There will be two items you need to interact with, a steering wheel and a bar. You want to adjust the bar until it’s lined up next to the green bar to the left of it, and you want to modify the steering wheel’s size to the green outline. When both of those are at the correct points, the Stabilize Steering task is done.

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