How to complete Archeops at Ease request in Pokémon Snap

Time to relax and chow down.

The many Pokémon you encounter in the New Pokémon Snap are casually wandering around in their natural environment. You’ll have the chance to capture pictures of them behaving with other Pokémon in their ecosystem. When you use certain items available to you inside the NEO-ONE, these Pokémon will do other actions you catch on camera. In the Voluca region, on the Fireflow Volcano tour, several Archeops are wandering around, and there’s a request called Archeops at Ease where you have to snap a picture of this Pokémon eating a fluffruit.

When attempting to complete Archeops at Ease, you have to do it when you go down the Volcano route, and you have to do it at Research Level 2. When you try doing this at Research Levels 1 or 3, a Tyrantrum will be roaming around, and the Archeops will not feel safe, preventing you from feeding them the fluffruit.

There are several Archeops roaming around this tour, but we recommend feeding the ones that have wandering around the covered lava fields. It’s the area right after the Altaria are floating on the water. To your left, several Archeops will be wandering around, and all you have to do is toss a fluffruit at them when they get close enough, and you can snap the picture. You don’t have to worry about using the music to try and calm it down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve completed the quest, finish the rest of the tour and return to the research camp. You can click the ‘Y’ button to open up your requests page to complete the task and receive your reward.