How to complete At Home in the Dark request in Pokémon Snap

What’s hiding underneath the porch?

There are multiple Pokémon for you to encounter in the New Pokémon Snap, and you’ll be capturing them on film in their natural environment. Several of them are even in your Research Camp that you can explore without heading out to an exotic location. There is a request challenge called At Home in the Dark that you can complete, and you’ll need to draw out a Pokémon that’s hiding underneath the porch.

To take photographs at the research camp, go to the green tab at the upper left portion of your screen. You’ll have the option to take the NEO-ONE around the starting area and photograph all of the Pokémon there.

You have to go around the tour cycle before you reach the parked NEO-ONEs at the front of the research camp. There should be a Meowth asleep next to one. Wake it up by hitting it with a fluffruit, and then create a small trail of fluffruit to the hole underneath the porch. It should take about two or three fluffruit for you to make a reasonable trail to lead the Meowth to that location. While the Meowth is being lured in by the fluffruit, scan the hole underneath the porch. If you don’t scan the hole, the Meowth doesn’t go into it.

Eventually, when the Meowth goes into it, it’ll scare a Rattata out from underneath the porch. You then need to capture a photograph of both of these Pokémon running around to complete the request. This does not have to be a three or four star photograph. We turned in a one star version of it and finished the request.

This request can be difficult because Meowth is complicated to lure over to the porch. It may take you several tries, but luckily, Meowth is close to the start of the tour. If you don’t get Meowth to run under the porch, you can click the ‘+’ button and retry again in less than 30 seconds.

When you’ve completed the request, make sure to turn in the photograph of the two running together to Professor Mirror, and you receive your reward for the challenge.