How to complete Back Pay in Red Dead Online – Blood Money

Someone forgot to pay the monthly bill.

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The Back Pay Blood Money Crimes contract is one you can retrieve from James Langton in Red Dead Online. You can speak to him at Lake Don Julio in Austin to start this quest. He prefers the more dangerous action, and if you’re willing to take out some unsavory characters, you can earn some good money working for him. Here’s what you need to do to complete the Back Pay Blood Money Crimes contract.

When you initially start the quest, you’ll be placed outside a small camp to the south of you. Proceed to the camp, and there will be a handful of enemies that you need to take out. Your primary target will be the foreman, who contains the stagecoach delivery schedule. By taking the foreman out, you’ll be able to learn the location and when the stagecoach is set to leave.

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The stagecoach should be at Benedict Point. Head to the location, and your only goal is to steal the stagecoach. However, there are several adversaries there that are ready to stop you, and you can bet they’re going to chase you when you attempt to steal it. Your best bet is to clear the area, especially aiming for any foes that are on horseback because they have the best chance of chasing you down. Once you’ve cleared them out, you can grab the stagecoach and drive it out of the area.

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With the stagecoach under your control, all you have to do is take it to the drop-off location. As soon as you’ve entered the area, the mission will end and the contract will be completed.

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