How to complete Beck operator mission Diensteinheit IX in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Be prepared to use a few fancy tricks to complete these challenges.

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If you’re looking to complete a new series of operator missions in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Warzone as the game enters Season 3, you’re in luck. There are a pair of operator skins for Woods and Wraith you can complete when you purchase the battle pass. When you reach tier 10 on the track, another opens up for Beck, featuring a pair of skins for your hard work.

You can only gain access to these operator missions for Beck if you have purchased the Season 3 battle pass and you reach tier 10 on the track. When you reach this point, you then have to play as Beck to finish any of these.

All Diensteinheit IX operator mission tasks and rewards

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These are all of the tasks you need to complete to finish the Diensteinheit IX operator mission for Beck.

  • Objective 1: Block 1,000 incoming damage with player-inserted Armor Plates.
    • Rewards: 1,500 XP and the Surprise Assault calling card
  • Objective 2: Get three kills without dying three times using shotguns
    • Rewards: 2,000 XP and the Flecktarn skin
  • Objective 3: Destroy 10 enemy deployed Field Upgrades
    • Rewards: 2,5000 XP and the Stuck in Place emblem
  • Objective 4: Get 5 eliminations with special weapons
    • Rewards: 3,000 XP and the Pionier skin

The challenges for this operator mission are not difficult, but the phrasing and precise method to complete them can be a little confusing.

For the first challenge, you need to block 1,000 incoming damage from a player-inserted armor plate. This will be a task you need to complete on Warzone, and you can accomplish this by picking up any of the armor plates you find and putting them on. The blocked damage should not count for the initial piece of armor you receive when you start the game. It needs to be you’ve picked up while playing the game and put on.

The second challenge is to get three kills with a shotgun without dying. This method is pretty straightforward, and you can finish it on Warzone or a Black Ops multiplayer map. We’d recommend jumping into a Black Ops multiplayer map of the two choices because those locations can be much smaller, making them ideal arenas for this challenge. It is not impossible to finish this on a Warzone map if you land at the right spot, but it’s definitely tricky. You might want to start at the Prison or at Superstore.

The third challenge is to destroy 10 enemy deployed field upgrades. A field upgrade is the munition boxes, drones, trophy system, or deployable cover. You can expect to see these items frequently used by your opponents in both a Black Ops multiplayer match or a Warzone game. These items are slightly more scarce in Warzone, but you can almost always expect to see them nearby whenever you engage the enemy. These field upgrades are small, making them hard to pinpoint and shoot down.

The final task for this challenge is to get five eliminations using a special weapon. A special weapon in Call of Duty is the M79 or the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. You can find both weapons while exploring Verdansk, but they can fairly difficult to find. Because they are special weapons, you’ll have to look for them as legendary drops. It can make reliably finding them more difficult. Of the two choices, the M79 has a higher chance of taking out multiple enemies at once if you time your shots correctly.

After you’ve completed all four challenges, Beck’s operator mission will be finished, and you’ll have access to both recolored skins.