How to complete Calling the Champions in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

You will not get an actual Olympic medal for this

A name like Calling the Champions might inspire you to become a long distance runner, but for now, we’ll tell you how to earn the XP and rep you get from completing this world quest in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

While in Maldraxxus, you can find the Brazier of Challenge to start this quest at 50.0, 55.7 on your map (you’ll wind up on the second ‘E’ in “THEATER OF PAIN). The flames are green to match the atmosphere of the zone. After you right-click on the brazier, you will receive a debuff for 40 seconds called The Torch of Challenge. This is a fancy way to say you’re carrying a torch, although you can’t use this as a weapon.

With the debuff active, look for the green runes on the ground, which will give you a speed boost. Run through them on an uninterrupted path toward the next Brazier of Challenge, which is not yet lit. The most important thing to remember is avoiding the Slimelets; if you touch one, you will have to start at the beginning. Don’t try to cheat and use a mount, either.

The green runes are easy to spot on the ground, and as soon as you light a brazier, another set of runes will appear for you to follow. Stay on the path, avoid the Slimelets, and you’ll have your rewards for completing Calling the Champions.