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How to complete Dissending For Sweets in Hogwarts Legacy

Nothing life exploring ancient caverns.

There are plenty of side quests to be found throughout Hogwarts Legacy with many of them coming from your fellow classmates. After a mishap in potions class, Garreth is eager to send you on another mission that will lead you through an ancient passageway. If you are up for the task, you will get a rather fizzy reward. Just don’t get lost in the cavern. This guide will show you how to complete Dissending For Sweets in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Dissending For Sweets walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

Garreth Weasley is quite the potions aficionado who is willing to try just about any recipe. If you haven’t learned this, perhaps it’s because you didn’t help in during potions class. After completing the quests for herbology and potions, you can find Garreth near the Great Hall Floo Flame fast travel point. Talk to him and he will ask you to gather some components from Hogsmeade to make a fizzy concoction.

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To start things off, you need to look for a one-eyed witch statue. Follow the quest route to the search location and go up the stairs. The statue can be found after the first set of stairs in the hallway connected to the grand stairwell. Interact with the statue to get a cutscene where you enter the secret passageway.

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Once inside the passageway, you will find a broken lift, use Reparo on it to fix it up and then activate it to go further down into the passage. At the bottom, go behind the lift to find a chest before continuing forward. After a short walk, you will come across a platform with a feature etched on it. Use Levioso on it to use it as a platform to reach the ledge. Climb up to the ledge to continue forward.

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After climbing up the ledge, you will come to a crossroads. If you wish to take the path down the hill on the left, you can collect some potion ingredients and find a chest on the other side of the water. To progress forward, take the right path and cast Levioso on the platform to raise it and jump the gap. Afterward, use Reparo on the broken platform and use Levioso to raise it and jump the second gap.

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Once you have bridged the two gaps, you will find a bunch of spider webs. Use Incendio on the webs to burn them away and then use Reparo to fix the broken platform. Before you can lift the platform, use Accio on the mechanism above it so that the platform can get caught by the mechanism. Progress further into the chamber until you reach a bridge. Cast Incendio on the braziers on the other side of the bridge to open the door.

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Go through the door and interact with the ladder to enter Honeydukes. Search Honeydukes basement for the Billywig Stings. Once you have them, return to Gareth to complete the quest. You can choose to go back through the passageway or simply fast-travel back to the area via the Floo Flame system.

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