How to complete Heroic Story Missions in Destiny 2

Relive the story.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

From time to time, such as for the Festival of the Lost event, you will need to play a Heroic Story Mission in Destiny 2. These are campaign missions at a higher difficulty, so will be a little tougher than you remember from when you played through the various stories that we released for the game.

Thankfully, playing them is very simple to do. First, open your Director and click on the Vanguard symbol.


Now, click on the icon on on the left of the screen. This is the Heroic Story Mission option.

Heroic Story Missions

Now, select the mission you wish to play. There will be a different selection of Heroic Story Missions each day for you to choose from. They will all have the same recommended power, and modifiers.

Mission List

All you need to do is pick your mission and play through it. These do not have matchmaking, so you will not automatically be loaded in with other players. You can play through them with a Fireteam if you wish, as long as it is made before you start the mission.

Remember, for the Festival of the Lost “Masked Remembrance” Bounty, you will need to play through the mission while wearing a Festival of the Lost Mask. You should automatically have one from Eva from starting the event.