How to become a famous movie star in BitLife

Time to make it big.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Hollywood will eat you up if you let it, and it’s no different in BitLife. It takes a lot of hard work. Earning this role is pretty tricky, and it does help to have a bit of luck.

A good looking character

Before attempting to apply for an acting role and looking to make it big, you want to focus on your character’s look stats. It’s important to keep this stat as high as possible throughout your character’s life to give the biggest advantage in landing a role. You can work on it from a young age by going on walks and taking care of yourself. When you’re old enough to go to the gym, try to visit it at least once a year to work out, and then go for a walk, preferably for one hour at a normal or brisk rate.

After your character becomes 18 years old they can change their diet, and you can choose a healthier lifestyle, such as going with the Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, or keto diet. These do cost a certain amount of money for you to maintain it every month.

Landing the actor job

A movie star’s career doesn’t require that you earn a degree in college. You can start working on it immediately out of high school. While looking for work after high school, try to find a career in the film studio business, even if it’s not what you’d like to do. The entry-level career for a movie star ss the voice actor role, so you want to try to apply for it immediately. It’s random, so it’s not something you can immediately grab or have whenever you want to do it. Because it’s random, becoming a famous movie star can be troublesome to maintain, but once you have the voice actor role, you need to work hard in it every year. You also want to keep a high follower count on your social media pages to increase your fame.

Social media accounts are a good way to develop your fame before you enter the actor role. You should be able to create them when you enter high school, and you can create a variety of posts to keep them entertained. Try to stay away from engaging in toxic behavior by trolling people or insulting them. It increases the likelihood of your account getting suspended, which prevents you from posting to your followers.

It’ll be a constant stream of you attempting to find the best way to land the film studio role as an actor, and attempting to keep your looks high. If you can, avoid having a character who naturally has low looks and you have to do surgery. Doing any form of plastic surgery runs the risk your character coming out of it looking even worse than before, and it wastes a lot of money. You also want to avoid doing any drugs, or starting any rumors about your co-stars and co-workers while attempting to earn this role. The less of a problem you are to everyone at work, the faster you can receive promotions to make it to the big times.