How to become a famous actor in BitLife

Time to make it big.

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It can take quite a bit of luck for those who want to become famous movie stars and an actor in BitLife. First, you must ensure your character has the best stats possible and needs to go down a particular career path. This guide will show you how to become a famous actor in BitLife.

How to get the famous actor

You want to ensure your character has the highest Look and Health stats possible. When your character is younger, you can do this by having them regularly go on walks, work out, and participate in a sport in middle and high school. All of these methods are effective at maintaining their health levels. When they reach 18 years old, you can modify their diet for a healthier lifestyle, having them exclusively eat the Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, or keto diet.

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However, a reliable method is to ensure that when your character is born, they have very high Health and Looks stat. It’s an excellent way to ensure they maintain this throughout their lives, leading into adulthood, where it matters when they can become an actor. You also want to select that they have a special talent for Acting if you have this option available when you create the character.

We do recommend you take acting lessons as well. You can do this from the Mind and Body section, where you can choose to pay a certain amount, increasing your character’s acting talent.

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When you’re 18, you can attempt to start working towards an acting career. You can do this by going to the Special Careers page and choosing to go in for an audition, become an extra, or get a talent agent. We recommend going in as an Extra to start and eventually work your way to finding a talent agent, as long as you have the money. We don’t recommend going straight for a talent agent unless you can afford it. However, going for the less popular ones will be a good idea to get your name out there when attempting to enter a starting role in a production.

You will want to work through these choices multiple times, accepting extra roles when you’re starting, choosing to go with the more minor television roles, and working with your talent agent to increase your fame. When a significant role comes your way for movies, your character will become famous. You will need to maintain your social media pages and work advertisements to earn extra money and be more selective with your selected roles. You want to consider the quality of the screenplay and the directors you’re going to work with as a famous actor.