How to complete Marking Your Territory and find all golden toilets in Borderlands 3’s Revenge of the Cartels

A flushed challenge.

The latest event in Borderlands 3 is called Revenge of the Cartels features you helping Maurice with another problem he’s found himself in with a crime boss. When you arrive at the cartel leader’s mansion, you need to scour it to find a way to make it to them because they’re hiding from your eventual slaughter. During this event, there are 18 challenges you can complete, and one called Marking Your Territory requires you to find and use the golden toilets the mansions.

First Golden Toilet

The first golden toilet you can find it is on the second floor of the mansion after you obtain the fountain headpiece. After you grab it from the locker, proceed to the right side of the map, and go towards the left side. You should find a door open in front of a fountain with a bed inside of it. To the right of the bed is a bathroom, with the first golden toilet you need to find. Approach it to use it, and now you can find the others.

Second Golden Toilet

The second golden toilet is a little bit harder to find. First, you need to be on the first floor of the mansion. To make it easy, start at the front of it where you came in with the fountain. From there, proceed forward and keep to the right side of the map. You want to keep going until right before you make it to the outside plaza location. To your left, you should see a chrome counter space with some Eridium dust piles all over it. To the right of that is an open door leading to a staircase. Follow it down and you should find yourself at the Old Grape Storage. Much like getting down here, you need to stick to the left side of the map, taking out the enemies along the way. Eventually, there’s an open door with a small hallway, with a golden toilet on the right side.

Third Golden Toilet

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The third and final golden toilet is on the right side of the map. All you need to do is proceed towards that side, fighting your way through the waves of enemies. There are two mini-bosses over here that you need to take out. Once you clear the area of all hostiles, go to the Mansion inside of a Mansion area to find the elevator in the living room. Proceed inside of the elevator, loot the room it takes you to, and on the left open door, you can find the final toilet.

Make sure to interact with each of the toilets when you find them. Otherwise, they won’t count.