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How to complete Meddling Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mirabel meddled where she shouldn't have.

There are plenty of quests that you will have to complete as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley with each resident having their own quest line. Mirabel is trying to help out her friends but she managed to make things worse. Scrooge and Donald have been arguing a lot lately and Mirabel tried to get them to stop. Unfortunately, Mirabel needs help helping them. That is where you come in. This guide will show you how to complete Meddling Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Meddling Mirabel walkthrough in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Meddling Mirabel is Mirabel’s third quest and the one that comes after the Taste of Home quest. Before you can start this quest, you will need to meet prerequisites including getting Mirabel’s Friendship Level up to level seven. Talk to Mirabel to start the quest and she will tell you about the problems that Scrooge and Donald have been dealing with lately. They can’t help but fight with one another and Mirabel just wants them to be civil.

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Talk with both Scrooge and Donald to get their sides of the story. During the argument, a raccoon jumped out and startled them. This lead to Donald getting thrown into the river in the Forest of Valor and Scrooge losing his Cash Register Key. Talk to Mirabel to confirm their sides of the story and then head to the Forest of Valor to feed some Raccoons and find the Cash Register Key.

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The Cash Register Key can be found on the far side of the Forest of Valor near where the entrance to the Frosted Heights is found. You will need to use your shovel to dig it up. While you are there, make sure to collect some Blueberries to feed the Raccoons with. When both tasks are complete, bring the key to Scrooge. Return to Mirabel and she will tell you that she wants to do something special for Scrooge and Donald. You will be tasked with crafting a Seashell Frame using the following items:

  • 8 Glass
  • 10 Softwood
  • 5 Clams
  • 5 Scallops

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The items required for the frame can be found in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, and Dazzle Beach biomes of the valley. The Glass is made by using sand at a crafting table. Once you have made the frame, you will need to make a Red Fruit Pie. If you don’t know the recipe for it, Mirabel will give you a recipe book. Collect the following ingredients for the pie:

  • A Fruit
  • Wheat
  • Butter
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The fruit that you get should be something red like an apple or raspberry. The wheat can be bought from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow and the Butter can be bought from the Chez Remy Pantry. Bring the pie and the frame to Mirabel. Follow Mirabel and listen to her apologize to Scrooge. Talk to Mirabel afterward to complete the quest.

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