How to complete Moonchase Tales: Cuisine Machine Test Run in Genshin Impact Day 3 — Path of Austere Frost

A cold cooking environment.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Get ready to get cooking one last time for the Moonchase Festival in Genshin Impact. The final day of events from the Moonchase Tales event is finally out, and one of them involves a lot of culinary prowess. Travelers must talk to the Cloud Retainer as she travels to Dragonspine to begin the quest, fetching some ingredients and creating the food.

Like previous days, you must begin the quest by following a set of tracks that lead you to your required ingredient. Following the trail leads you to a cave, where you’ll find a frozen boar locked behind a gate. To unlock the gate, you need to find pressure plates spread around the cave and activate them. Pressure plates are located underneath blocks of ice and snow that you can destroy with a Pyro ability.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you locate all of the pressure plates, you have to activate them in a specific order. Completing the puzzle unlocks the gate, and all you have to do next is melt the boar out of its frozen prison, subsequently killing it to collect Chilled Meat. Report back to the Cloud Retainer when you finish. From that point, all that’s left is to cook your dish.

Activate the pressure plates in the order shown above. Screenshot by Gamepur

How to cook in Moonchase Tales

Cooking for the Moonchase Tales event works differently than cooking regularly. Players will have to control the temperatures of three different cooking pots at a time, keeping them at a certain range. You can adjust the temperature by moving a pit of fire between the three pots. Move the fire pit by pressing buttons on the screen, which carries the fire from left to right. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature by heating the pots with Pyro bow characters or cooling the temperature with Cryo or Hydro bow characters. Be careful; some Hillichurls will get in your way this time, attempting to disrupt the cooking process.

Complete this task successfully, then talk to the Cloud Retainer again to receive your reward. You’ll gain some Primogems and character materials for your troubles, so be sure to do a thorough job.