How to complete Nightmare Containment public event in Destiny 2

Unleash the Nightmares.

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The Nightmare Containment public event is an activity available in Destiny 2, launching alongside the Season of the Haunted. In it, you’ll be taking on deadly nightmares inside the Derelict Leviathan, fending them off and harvesting them to carve a path to more powerful Nightmares awaiting you on the ship. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete this public event.

How to complete Nightmare Containment

You can find the activity on the Derelict Leviathan. You can reach this area in Destiny 2 by opening up your Director, making your way over to Destinations, and finally, going to the Moon. Here, you’ll find the Derelict Leviathan in the bottom left-hand corner. Click on it, and you’ll begin at the Castellum.

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After you arrive here, you need to find the Nightmare Containment activity and place your Nightmare Harvester on it, which is the Seasonal Artifact for the Season of the Haunted. When you arrive, a Nightmare Containment may have already started. Your goal is to defeat the Dread Bearers that appear.

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After the fall, these creatures drop Core of Dread orbs on the ground. Grab them and bring them back to the Nightmare Harvester, dunking them to charge it. When you reach the first tier, you’ll need to locate several enemies highlighted on your screen. Destroy all of them to charge the next section of your Harvester, and then another wave of Dread Bearers will appear. You need to repeat the process until all charges are full, unleashing the Nightmare Harbinger.

A shield will wrap around this foe every so often, and you’ll need to defeat specific nodes floating in the air before you can attack the Nightmare Harbinger again. After beating the Harbinger, you can proceed to the next Nightmare Container tier, repeating the process.

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Upon reaching the final Nightmare Containment tier, you’ll battle against a named enemy, much more potent than your previous foes. However, fighting it follows the same pattern as the previous encounters.

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You will need to damage it until its health reaches the first block, and a shield will wrap around it. Multiple shield nodes will appear around the surrounding area, and you’ll need to defeat those while also dealing with the Dread Bearers defending it. Once you’ve destroyed all of the nodes, you can attack the Nightmare until it reaches the next block. This process repeats until you defeat it.

Upon defeating the Nightmare, the containment on the Leviathan opens up, and you can explore the ship.